In order to reproduce well the nuances, details, timing cues, power, glory, emotions, attitudes, and authority that is in recorded music, you should choose your amplifiers first. If any part in those amplifiers is of the wrong size, or uses the wrong physics, then the performance cannot be optimal. The WATT rating, then, becomes dictated ideally by musical requirements, and not by the needs of a certain speaker. For this reason, if you truly want the best and most reliable sound that there is-- you should choose the amplifiers first-- for musical qualities. That leaves you free to choose a speaker that matches the amplifier qualities well.

The heart of any audio reproduction system is the amplifiers. The amplifiers require special consideration. For these reasons we feel that they should be selected first.

The Serious Stereo 2A3 amplfiers are designed and constructed with these special considerations in mind:

The finest sound qualities
Excellence in workmanship, fit and finish
Superior reliability

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