Perfection in  wiring:  It is all 100% hand-wired in 3 dimensional space, hand-secured and lab-tested.

Beauty and reliability to last through the years:  Each Serious Stereo amplifier is designed and built to last for decades without repair and still look and perform "like new".  Fit & finish are also up to the challenge.  We use High-Gloss super-tough powder coatings for all surfaces where it is possible, both inside and outside.  The Serious Stereo nameplate is a sculptured brass plate.  Carry-handles are forged chromium steel with grade-8 retainers held in place by locking washers and Loctite(R) bonding agents.  Strong & well finished.

The best wire:  12ga. Multi-strand silver, some solid silver, all signal-handling wire is by Siltech(R)... only the best will do for your amplifier!  Nothing is overlooked in our quest for the music to sound real-- lifelike.

The best signal path:  To get down to the best possible signal path, we have really gotten Serious!  We have only 2 stages of amplification-- each is a symmetrically-built, "perfect" triode, operated in Triode, Class-A mode.  We feel that additional stages lose too much musical expression and dynamics.  No coupling devices, such as interstage transformers, or capacitors are used as we feel that these items cause large signal-integrity problems and account for homogenizing, delays, and losses of musical information.  Therefore, no coupling devices of any kind are used in Serious Stereo amplifiers. You are listening through silver wire, 2 symmetrical vacuum tubes, and one output transformer.  CARDAS silver speaker posts route the signal to your speaker cables.  This attention to detail makes all the difference.  You get maximum fidelity and dynamics.  Music sounds very lifelike, present and real.

The finest sound quality:  The Serious Stereo amplifier is the result of years of Studio, Movie-Theatre and Home Audio experience.  Its objective is to achieve the best sound qualities together with decades of component life-- with no repair ever needed. If repair ever did become nesecary it is easily accomplished.

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