Because of its outstanding concept and design, the amplifier is able to reproduce all the nuances, details, timing cues, emotions, attitudes, sheer "guts", glory and authority of what it is presented with-- recorded music!  Absolute fidelity-to-source is its Forte, rendering piano, male and female voices virtually perfect-- palpable, present and real-- superbly lifelike in every way.

People you can trust:  Over 20 years, no amplifier ever built by Serious Stereo has failed, had to be updated, or been repaired.  You can have absolute confidence in our equipment.  We work with you.  We can help make your entire sound system a success and a trouble-free one at that. 

We enjoy a sense of humor and regard all of this as mostly fun.  You're invited to call or E-Mail us at anytime.  Call us at 1-406-222-9229.  Leave us a message at any time, with your phone # or E-Mail address and the best times to call you.

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