Serious Stereo
P.O. Box 661
Livingston, MT 59047

(406) 222-9229

At Serious Stereo we love many different kinds of music, and we are really good engineers who know how to get what we want. We want it all!

You can relate to us by understanding what it is that we want. We want music to be reproduced in all of its power, authority, glory, detail, attitudes and emotions. We know that those things are recorded there. We also know that in home audio systems -- they are not normally reproduced without leaving something out -- usually to favor something a designer likes or to favor a kind of music that he likes. One-sided approaches are very common in audio today but we want, and have built for you -- far better.

Working with us is easy because our equipment has another quality we like a lot -- it is absolutely long-term reliable, and better built-- and it looks it. After you buy equipment from us you can forget about it. Whenever you want music it will be there for you.

Serious Stereo -- you'll never want to sell it, you'll never need to upgrade it. It transcends such considerations. It is better than that-- it doesn't ever need replacing or changing. Come into our musical world, it's better here.

Call us at 1-406-222-9229. You may also leave a message at any time.

Dennis Fraker

Serious Stereo
Paradise Valley
Livingston, Montana