Here's what you can expect:

The chassis is built just like our award-winning amplifiers!

Laser-cut, formed, and welded non-resonant chassis, with the finest powder-coatings inside & out, and PEM nuts installed to make removal of the bottom-plate a breeze!

SHALLCO (R)  10-ampere solid-silver contactors. Double Rotors with 45 switch positions each.

Finest Silver wiring.

"Perfect" grounding systems.  (Your RCA interconnects are able to maintain their ground-side integrity throughout the attenuator-- by avoiding unwanted "combining" of the wrong grounds, we have eliminated musical and signal-integrity losses in the attenuator).  This does require more silver wiring.  It's in there!

You may have up to 4 input RCA pairs.

You may have up to 2 output RCA pairs.

The chassis bottom, as in our amplifiers, is also an engineered isolation platform.  You'll love its performance!

LADDER TYPE (shown above) $3150. Standard unit with 3 input pair RCAs and 1 output pair RCAs. Extra RCAs can be included at extra cost. Prices include shipping within USA.

SERIES TYPE. Uses Mil.-Spec. 3-turn volume control potentiometers. Very transparent on proper load. $1925. Standard unit with 3 RCA pair inputs, and 1 RCA pair outputs. Extra RCAs can be included at extra cost.

TRANSFORMER-POTENTIOMETER TYPE. Only a few transformer suppliers actually get this right. CALL US . 1-406-222-9229. <back

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