An attenuator built by Serious Stereo is a very special and necessary part of a great sounding music system.  It should be your System Control Center.

Even though linestage preamplifier/control systems can deliver the signal power and voltages needed to drive your amplifiers, we feel that the added distortions, loss of critical musical information, and

additional phase distortions have rendered the Linestage Preamp as obsolete.

We needed a passive control system that could take all of your audio inputs (from sources such as your CD player, D/A converter, your Computer, or your Phono Preamp), and send them, properly volume controlled, to your amplifiers-- without the usual losses.

We found out soon enough that we couldn't buy a passive attenuator that was good enough to do this job right.

Here's what we did about it.  We feel that-- regardless of your music system-- you should have one. Our new attenuator is a knockout! continued>

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