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Livingston, MT 59047

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Do you still offer modifications for my Vacuum-tube phono and linestage preamps?
Yes, we do. Since our amplifiers, speakers, and attenuators are outperforming the best program sources, our customers are looking carefully at their music sources.. We will extract much better performance from your phono stages especially-- and your linestages. Even if you don't own our equipment, we can help out a lot in this regard. However, the best possible system drives these sources into one of our attenuators, which is driving a pair of our amplifiers and speakers.

Incidentally, we are finding excellent performers in the latest crop of Moving Magnet cartridges -- especially those from ClearAudio, Dynavector and Sumiko. Moving Magnets can do a lot for you-- they can ease the requirements and complexity on your phono stage, and the result is a big win! You can spend the saved money on.........!

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