Serious Stereo
P.O. Box 661
Livingston, MT 59047

(406) 222-9229

What is your ordering policy?
All equipment is hand-built especially for you. Call us for details.

May I buy direct from Serious Stereo?
Yes. Call or Email us at

Do your amplifiers come in different finishes?
Yes, just ask. There is no extra charge.

Can you match this color in an attenuator?
Yes, it's a great idea! There's no extra charge to match colors.

Do your speakers come in different finishes and/or woods?
Yes, we can build to your requirements. One customer asked us to make the speakers "disappear" into his Living Room. We got photos, consulted interior decorators, and did the "magic" color and finish. His wife is very pleased.

Do you recommend specific cables and Interconnects?
Yes. They make a big difference! See our TECH section

Where can I go to hear your gear?
We're showing up at more and more places. Check our SHOW PAGE for our next appearance, or call us to arrange a factory visit, or to visit one of our happy customers.

Why did you choose the 2A3 output tube for your amplifier?
1) AVVT/Emission Labs makes this tube type very right. (2) The operating voltages and currents for the 2A3 type allow the construction of a near-perfect output transformer. (3) The 2A3 type has a low-voltage filament. This is a LARGE advantage. (See our amplifier sections).

Will you still consult on home audio systems, home theatre, and commercial movie theatres?
Yes. Just call us. 1-406-222-9229

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