2008 - Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2008. Held in October at Denver's Marriott Tech Center Hotel, we were in room 2020 as usual. A new computer music server was in attendance, and we installed an outbound hard drive on it. This was a transition year for us as we explored many new things. As always our Amplifiers, Attenuators and Speakers remain timeless.

2008 - VSAC. We attended the Vacuum State of the Art Conference, Held in May 2008 in Vancouver, Washington State.

There were 33 or so exhibitors. We had fun there, made new friends, and several visitors now have new Serious Stereo equipment.

2007 - Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2007. Was held on Oct. 12 thru 14 at Denver Colorado's Marriott Hotel Tech Center in Room 2020 where our amplifiers, Ladder Attenuator, Speakers, D/A converter and power Conditioning were in full effect-- as in 2005. Pranawire RCA interconnects (see links) -- the preferred link into our amplifiers-- were there, with some very special speaker cables. This was a good time! For a basic breakdown of this highly-regarded system, please go to our TECH section.