2006 - Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2006. In 2006, we had Room 2020. The same basic system as in 2005 was used, but new things were tried. Speaker interconnect was changed, a Series-Type attenuator was used instead of our Ladder-Type (Ladders were sold-out at the time!), and we didn't bring Power Conditioning for our D/A converter. RMAF 2006 resulted in new friends who now have our equipment in their homes. (See reviews).

2005- Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2005. Picture. We exhibited our amplifiers, attenuator, and Transmission-line speakers in Room 7220. We had a complete system that we are still very happy with today. You can find the history that Room 7220 made that year, and a system breakdown (here).

2004 - We were visitors at RMAF 2004, and got to see all the exhibits. Our amplifiers were loaned to Terry Cains' Cain & Cain room, featuring his BIG BEN speakers. We had a wonderful time there, and our amplifiers made many new friends. In the ORIS room, we made new friends and found Bert Doppelberg and Henry Venema to be fine, knowledgeable people-- really in tune with great music of all sorts. Henry now has a pair of our amplifiers at his home. Here you can see them powering the big ORIS speaker system. (See reviews).