2011 - Be sure to visit us in Denver at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011--in mid-Oct. in Room 2020. You'll get to audition our radical new Low-Boy Speaker. This year music sources will be "seriously" upgraded! Hear Berkeley Audio Design's awsome ALPHA DAC, with their latest USB computer link. This is a unique case in which USB is actually done correctly. Music serving at its best! (Thru Serious Stereo amplifiers and speakers). Top that!

2010 - Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2010 Found us in room 2024 where we showed a larger, taller version of our coaxial MLTL speaker, an all new pre amplifier, and the latest design Serious Stereo amplifiers. The music source was a standard CD transport driving a MyTek D-A converter into our pre amplifier. Different musical tastes were played for happy, relaxed visitors.

2009 - Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009 Was held October 2,3 and 4, at Denver's Marriott Tech-Center Hotel. We experimented with a large acoustically challenged room where we presented video and shared with another exhibitor. Saturday after hours was especially fun and exciting due to the excellent music videos presented.