Serious Stereo
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Livingston, MT 59047

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Passive Attenuator your system controller: Up to four RCA input pairs and 2 pairs of RCA outputs.  Order as you like. Choose from wire wound potentiometers, ladder types or order a transformer potentiometer. Unlike all other attenuators Serious Stereo will preserve your dynamics and bandwidth intact.

You must have an amplifier that can reproduce all the nuances, dynamic shadings, power, authority and glory that is in music. This amplifier outperforms ALL other amplifiers in every musical expression. It has no sonic equal and is totally reliable—designed to outlive your grandsons and granddaughters.

Serious Stereo 2 Stage Direct— Coupled Amplifier :
When you design an amplifier to be musically correct—its power output should not be "dictated" before it is built. It could end up either too large or too small (not ideal) for ideal musical reproduction. In either case it would not reproduce all of the music.

Serious Stereo Speaker :
Uses the famed GPA/Altec "604" duplex 15 inch point—source transducer

An ideal amplifier (seen above) prefers a speaker that is superior to others. This allows the listener to really hear what is taking place musically.

We build a mass loaded transmission line system using the finest multi-layered plywoods, polyurethane finishing, silver wiring and the awesome GPA/Altec "604" Duplex Engine, Point Source Transducer. Yes, it's true!

Try what you might——this is your speaker.