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Serious Stereo Speaker conclusion:

What if you could own a speaker that would work perfectly in the smallest of apartments—even a closet—and yet perform admirably into spacious areas? What if it imaged perfectly from a point-source yet had a wide, powerful band- width and coverage area? What if its bass-response went so deep, powerful and multilayered that it made added subwoofers unnecessary? What if both male and female voices as well as pianos and great orchestral works sounded perfect - and yet you could really "rock-out" if you wanted to. Impossible? No. Now it has been done! Especially if you're using Serious Stereo apmlifiers. (serious stereo amplifier)

A Word About Interconnects and Cables

A great sounding audio system has life, energy, an effortless WILLINGNESS to "get with it" and reproduce the musical intentions, attitudes, and sounds of the musicians and their instruments.

Very few home audio systems, regardless of price, have been able to even hint at doing all of this.

Once your amplifiers are chosen, then and only then, can you properly choose your speakers. If your source components are also excellent, you can now work with interconnects and cables, and you should.

Wire varies greatly in sound qualities. In general, single-strand wires will "tune-in" to certain audio frequencies, and will reject or leave others out according to their materials, diameters and lengths. These unwanted effects are very often prized and praised by certain manufacturers and audiophiles, but this is dead-wrong for people who simply love music and musicians.

For people who love music more than superficial effects, a wire must be able to transmit ALL of the music all of the time-- and do that in REAL TIME efficiently, cleanly, and clearly.