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A Word About Interconnects and Cables (continued)

Today's best wiremakers are aware of these requirements and use various combinations of multistranded silver and copper wire with various sizes, shapes, and configurations in order to transmit as much of the music as possible. Some of these efforts are successful, and others (quite a few) either "homogenize" some sounds together or leave-out parts of the music to favor others-- or simply fail at both.

Another wire-related failure often arises. I shall call this Low Transfer Efficiency. Transfer efficiency is the ability of a wire to conduct all of music's changing frequencies, wild dynamic changes, and musical nuances completely with very low voltage and current losses, and not mix anything together. I consider this extremely important-- and that thinking also goes into our amplifiers, attenuators, and speakers.

We do know of a few wires that work very well. We feel that you "can't go wrong" with these wiremakers: Siltech America. Ensemble--(Switzerland-- see Landes Imports in USA). KimberKable (Salt Lake City-- USA).

There are other good ones. In our experience, we feel that you don't need to get too concerned about things like "Oxygen-free", "litz", "6 nines", "single-crystal" or other advertising terms that may be specific to a certain method of wiremaking. We have found that wiremakers either do wire right-- or they don't. And each has different methods.

If you're using our amplifiers and speakers you will know exactly what a given wire is doing and what it is not doing.

In General: In audio wire, High Transfer Efficiency, wide bandwidth and low distortion are King. This requires conductor bundles large enough and well engineered enough to do the whole job. The best wire makers understand this.

For SPECIFIC knowledge concerning cables and interconnects, you may call us at 406-222-9229.