Serious Stereo
P.O. Box 661
Livingston, MT 59047

(406) 222-9229

Years of movie theatre and recording experience have taught us what the real thing in Home Audio should sound like.

The equipment used to achieve a true sense of musical reality in the home should be simple- easy to use and understand and should be absolutely reliable over many years. It should also be easy to repair.

We are unique in that we build these desirables into equipment that you can own, In fact, you should own Serious Stereo Equipment. Years from now you'll still know you had chosen the best. Here is what a great audio system should look like:

There now! Isn't this refreshing? We have eliminated the linestage pre-amp and we have gained dynamics, transparency and a wider musical bandwidth. Smart too. We also saved money — yours!

Your phono stage should be designed to put out over 2 volts. Your CD/DVD player or your D/A converter, computer sound card or separate AM/FM tuner will easily do this for you.

You can own this kind of system. We have designed the BEST components available for you to do it!

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