Serious Stereo
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Livingston, MT 59047

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Here are the facts:

Mass-Loaded Transmission-Line Cabinet:   (outside Dimensions):  19 1/2 inches WIDE.  26 inches DEEP (front-to-back). 42 inches plus 10 inch STAND =  52 inches TALL.

Construction:  Panels CNC cut from 1" EuroBirch Plywood.  Voidless, non-resonant.

All inside edges chamfered-- NO sharp edges.

Outside finish in 7- hand-sanded layers of Polyurethane.  Waterproof. Gloss.  Piano-Black or EuroBirch-- or call for special finishes.

Front Grille "snaps" on.  Velcro attached, it may be removed at any time.

No internal cross-bracing is needed.  This allows superb, effortless, low-distortion reproduction.  The cabinet is essentially non-resonant, yet it stays "alive".  That is a wonderful thing!

Drivers:  The Great Plains Audio/Altec-Lansing model 604H, 15" Duplex Engine, Single-Point-Source Transducer is used. (38 pounds).

This is a 15" woofer that also houses a 1" compression driver at its center.  The outlet is HORIZONTAL.  What this can do for your  listening room is really good!

Wiring:  We use Siltech G-3, G-5, and G-7 Silver.  Multistranded 13+ ga., in parallel or single runs depending on usage area. This wiring system is sonically superior.                           

Power requirements: The highly efficient Serious Stereo Speaker uses very little power to make music.  This is because of careful, accurate machining methods and materials used in the drivers, and is a result of our outstanding cabinet construction, and wiring techniques.  Why make useless heat in your speaker when you can have much more music.                                                                 

Amplifier power rating is not critical, but amplifier quality is all-important!  The SPEAKER will tell you, very accurately, which amplifiers can actually reproduce music well.

Rear Panel: Recessed.  CARDAS silver music posts are used here.

The better your amplifier, the more you will hear.  This has nothing to do with watt ratings.  

We think you will enjoy going to our amplifier and tech. pages. There you can assess amplifiers, speaker cabling, and find out why one always chooses the amplifiers first-- get only the best. Then, choose your speakers to accurately give you what those amplifiers can do. That is the easiest, best way to reach audio perfection.