Serious Stereo
P.O. Box 661
Livingston, MT 59047

(406) 222-9229

The Serious Stereo high efficiency Speaker is a very special thing.  It first debuted publicly at the Denver (Colorado) Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in 2005 (link here) where it quickly became a hot item for discussion and admiration.

It caused many audiophiles to return again and again trying to understand what they were hearing. What they heard was ALL of the music.  Folks just shook their heads in wonderment.

The Serious Stereo transmission line speaker is not sonically "flashy", "boomy", or "impressive" . It doesn't call attention to itself.  Music played through it just sounds more real, more "there", more life-like and present.

The Serious Stereo Speaker is powerfully honest and absolutely effortless. This is a speaker you can live with over the years. It becomes a great musical friend. It has made our days in our room at audio shows such as Denver a pleasure instead of a tiring experience. For us and for our guests.

Voices, piano, the sounds and feels of musical instruments, even the inner qualities of the instruments, are all alive and present, with nothing exaggerated.   Musical events are placed where they really belong, and the speaker can operate perfectly in any room, making setup fun and rewarding.

The speaker is at home with quiet evening music, luscious voices, choirs, piano, large orchestras, and Raging, all out, Country and Rock bands.  It couldn't care less.  All of it is effortless.

There is no catering to singular "tastes".  This is the real thing.  You should take advantage of this extraordinary build-quality and engineering and fit these speakers into your home no matter what it takes. continued>