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Moray James
Say: just my 2 cents worth. I was at the great shoot out and was lucky  enough to have Terry use three of my power cords on source and mono blocks. I was then very interested in how things sounded. I was absolutely blown away by the Serious Stereo mono blocks. Most impressive bandwidth and dynamics and very smooth with exceptional stage and image. I was lucky enough to also catch Dennis in the hall on the second floor going into Berts' (ORIS) room and listened for about twenty min. there on the big two way horn set up. In my mind these amps were the single best piece of equipment I heard at the show ... And they are a steal and should last generations as well! Dennis was set up for 20 amp IEC connectors so I did not have the chance to listen to my cords on his wonderful amplifiers. Best regards....

Joseph Cohen
Your amps are everything you say they are. Listening to them makes me understand why audiophiles hang on every improvement and every tweak: It's because the true picture, the foundation of the music, is almost invariably denied them. They know it is there, but it just seems unachievable, and the pity of it is, that they are so preoccupied with the search, that when the unimaginable happens, when they are presented with something that is totally right, when the holy grail is right in front of them, they don't see it.

The first impression is that the window has been washed clean. Whatever was previously muddy and indistinct is now shiny and new and sparkling. The second thing that hits you is the power. This is totally unexpected, as after all, it's only 2 watts! But most people don't understand power. They think that power is something that hits you over the head. They think for power to exist it has to be muscle-bound, and make its presence felt through brute force. We know that true power is that which is necessary to move a thing in the right way. True power doesn't dominate a thing and beat it into submission. True power becomes an ally to that which it seeks to move and enlists its cooperation. This is like a force of nature.

Layers. You want layers, we got layers! Massed voices tell you a lot. Massed voices have subtle varying texture that breathes. These amps have that covered in spades. Recordings with intentionally shifting phase tell you a lot. If the phase shift was recorded smoothly it should all be there. Usually what you get is just the shadow of the phase information. Here it dances in front of you naked.Rightness of depth, tightness of size, clarity and sheer energy, the full envelope, all of these are there. These amplifiers will allow me to hear exactly what my cable is doing- I couldn't be happier. Thanks.                                                         continued>