Serious Stereo
P.O. Box 661
Livingston, MT 59047

(406) 222-9229


If you want to experience real, authentic music then your man is Dennis Fraker. Dennis, his Serious Amps and other components that he magically builds are magic. Dennis advised and guided me into getting the system of my dreams. And, the system straight up plays music whether it is jazz, opera, symphonic, country or electronika. You name the genre, and the system delivers an exciting accurate, clean sound. As I write, I'm listening to some Tuck and Patti vinyl on my Galibier Stelvio/Triplanar/ZYX Universe. It is like a live performance. There is nothing else to say. No other superlatives would do it justice.

In my quest for my ultimate system - my dream of 40 years - I had two objectives: one was to acquire a great system, and, secondly, I wanted to avoid the pain and expense of component swapping. After four years of research and many thousands of miles traveled to audition systems, I found my guru. Dennis is both immensely knowledgeable in matters technical, and he is equally a fine human being. I was lucky to find a few, rare people like Dennis. That alone was worth the effort of my quest.

My initial discussion with Dennis was to buy some 75TL tubes. Long story short, he convinced me that his 2A3 Serious Amps are the best in the world and why would I be messing with 75TL's. OK. He was so convincing and sincere, my wife and I loaded the poodles into the Subaru and went off to Livingston, MT. We had no idea. The scenery was breathtaking - Dennis' place is in Paradise Valley situated between Livingston and the entrance to Yellowstone Park. Dennis lives in a modest abode, and one immediately is taken by his JBL Paragon speaker system that occupies a good portion of his front room. We obviously had come to the right place. Dennis fired up his amps and got that Paragon singing like a troubadour. His taste is country and that's fine. It works too. So, I was hooked and after many discussions, Dennis agreed to build and sell me a pair of amps, through Joe Cohen, of Pranawire. He also built an attenuator plus modded an EAR 834P for me. He patiently responded to my endless questions.

One needs to recognize that when buying a set of amps from Dennis, these are hand built works of art. Consumers, who appreciate the best and one of a kind, will really dig these amps. We are also collectors of art and art artifacts, and one of the strongest affiliations I have with these objects is knowing that someone, someplace in the world made this object and put their soul into it. That's the same feeling I get owning Dennis' amps.